The ttt (transportable tourist tower) is an industrialised project and a multifunctional sustainable architecture. It is, simultaneously, an urban modularity and evolutionary procedure, of environmental integration and touristic mobility, in an innovative mixture that represents a new concept in habitability.

With a minimal design and a strong revealing image, bold at the level of the structural solution, ttt combines natural lighting and energetic potential through active and passive solar systems. Its physical dimension and inner space is optimised with resort to the prevalence of a harmonious and integrated relation with the outer surroundings.

Click here to open a view of the tower at 360º

Predominantly materialised through wood, a natural and 100% renewable building material, but also through glass, 100% recyclable, it privileges a policy of reuse and presents a significantly reduced constructive impact.

The global market strategy of ttt is based on principles which are expected to be economically solid, culturally and technologically evolved and environmentally responsible.