» Prefabricated modular panel, applicable horizontally or vertically;
» Potential to integrate the Et3 Energetic modular technology construction system in the ttt;
» Et3 is a technological innovation which stores, renews and reuses energy;
» Mixed timber-glass structural technology;
» Winner of the V Edition of the BES National Innovation Competition, Energy category;

The ttt transportable tourist tower follows on from another product developed by the dst, s.a. / Minho University partnership - Et3 Energetic modular technology. This technology, recently winning the V Edition of the BES National Innovation Competition, in the Energy category, can be incorporated in the ttt, optimising its energy autonomy.

Et3 is a structural timber-glass panel, which is industrialised, modular, polyvalent and usable as a slab or resistant wall. It includes passive solar energy systems, active solar energy systems and bioclimatic functions, which directly lead to greater energy efficiency – an innovation in terms of prefabricated structural elements.

Et3 can be used as an end product for new construction or rehabilitation or even as an autonomous panel in evolving, contemporary and polyvalent constructions.