» Constructive approximation to nature and its renewable resources;
» Recreating new horizons in the application of sustainable solutions;
» Reduced constructive impact and policy of re-use;
» Environmental and energy commitment;
» Integrated solar and natural lighting systems.

This project optimises construction processes, and reduces production waste, as well as the energy consumption of the building.

It is based on 3 aspects of sustainability: the economic and strategic viability of its implementation; environmental commitment with the use of solar energy systems; and a socio-cultural support based on a constructive approximation to nature.

The ttt uses a new generation of construction processes in which timber – 100% renewable – is especially important, bringing together historic value and a technological image. Glass, 100% recyclable, is also indispensible in the integration of solar energy systems.

The natural lighting that this material is able to provide contributes towards indices of sustainability and helps to enhance the user’s experience and use of the space.