The present technology establishes an innovative timber-glass composite constructive system in which the combination of these materials simultaneously assumes energetic, structural, functional and aesthetic character.

This particular feature places the product of this investigation in the combined sphere of Engineering and Architecture, in the specific field of ground-breaking technologies in construction, both in new buildings and in the rehabilitation of existing ones.

The system materialises through a multipurpose modular panel, able to be applied horizontally – as slab – or vertically – as sustaining wall. It integrates passive solar systems and bioclimatic functions, which results in energetic efficiency, thus constituting a clear innovation in terms of prefabricated structural elements.

Besides prefabrication, this product assumes as strategic principles modularity, habitational evolutionability, industrial production and transportability. Such principles fit in the pursuit of productive optimization and implementation strategy.

While assume the role of architectonic and structural skin, border line between interior and exterior spaces, this system reinforces its importance in the energetic performance of the construction and the comfort of the inhabitable space, mainly in terms of thermal transfers, air circulation and natural lighting levels – aspects which, taking advantage of the solar energy, decisively contribute to the rationalisation of energetic consumption and effectiveness in its management.

The central strategy is based on principles intended to be economically solid, culturally evolved, socially fair and ecologically responsible.